No food programme is complete now without the repetition of the mantra: Fresh! Local! Seasonal! (and sometimes: Sustainable!)

A very good maxim when it comes to food, but it does throw up some questions: how local is Local?what if you’re skint? what if you don’t have the time or means to travel to the nearest farmers market/proper grocer/Waitrose? what if you really fancy some sweetcorn in February?

Me and TOMW like to think we make as many ethical choices as we can, about a lot of things, but certainly about food. To complete the clichéd landscape of our same-sex-two-cat lifestyle, we have recently started getting an organic veg box delivered. This choice was driven partly by not having huge amounts of time to keep going shopping for fresh stuff, and also an increasing desire to wean ourselves off the supermarket. This is all part of the decision-making formula we like to call WWHFWD?


I think it probably speaks for itself.

It is going to be a challenge for Café Waltshaw to produce food as ethically as we want to without it being prohibitively expensive. Being in South London, we don’t exactly have a bounty on our doorstep or a farmers market round every corner, and often in London the inflated prices of trendily ethical food can really piss me off. However, we have some ideas about squaring this circle which I will expand on another time. For now, I will leave you with pictures of a secret local bounty we forraged this weekend in Crystal Palace Park. WWHFWD? turn it into sloe gin of course.