So ends another schizophrenic week of saying things like “given the current legislative framework” in the day, and “I think I’ve split my piping bag” in the evening.

I think I have now learnt every conceivable combination of butter and eggs. Some of which I already knew, but not having a sweet tooth, I still had a lot to learn. It’s good to know how to do things properly and a few hours tuition can really broaden your repertoire.

Wednesday night’s supper consisted of creme bruleé, custard tart, choux pastry, chips, tempura vegetables and some mackrel croquettes. I missed my connection at Clapham Junction on the way home and seeing as I was knackered and it was raining, I got myself a cheeky G&T from M&S for the journey.  Whilst nursing my posh-tramp’s drink and doing some decidedly interesting tasting burps, I was thinking how much I was enjoying the learning aspect of the course. This is the first adult education I’ve ever done, and I am really enjoying being treated like an adult, in a class of adults who are behaving like adults. It might sound obvious, but I don’t even get that at work (some of you will know who/why). I guess, like so many things, it comes down to choice. More often than not I didn’t want to be at school, and I certainly don’t want to be at work, but I want to be there and so does everyone else.

One wall of the kitchen at college is made up of windows which slide open creating a sort of balcony. The other night when we had that torrential rain we were all hunched over whole salmon, studiously picking out the pin-bones to the sound of the rain and the fugitive Daddy-Longlegs getting zapped in the bug-light. It was so enjoyable and atmospheric I wonder if autumn rain will always trigger an olfactory memory of oily fish.