Apologies, Pickles fans, for the lack of bloggery last week. My day-job got the better of me and there just weren’t enough hours in the day. Any of the days. I had intended to blog about how much me and TOMW were enjoying the weekly delivery of our veg box and working out what to do with the contents. The word ‘seasonality’ is very trendy nowadays, in fact I don’t think it existed when seasonality was actually normal. However, the seasonality of our veg box has far from led to trendy food, rather it has resulted in a series of Nan Dinners. But like I said, that was what I would have blogged about, but now you will never get to read my ode to the cauliflower cheese.

 Here’s a picture of it in the light of the afternoon autumn sun instead:


I have just got back from college which, this week, got pretty visceral. There was boning and butterflying, scaling and filleting, stuffing and trussing. There were intestines and stomachs, guts and gizzards, and many, many funny little bones. It was carnage in there tonight.

I had a whale of a time. Part of the reason for doing this course was wanting to learn these more technical skills that I have never been formally taught – and what a privilege to be let loose on a load of chickens, a tray of trout, a salmon the size of my leg…. and the odd stomach lining and link of intestines. I am definitely getting the hang of it now and am much more confident wielding a knife around meat and fish. Maybe surprisingly for an ex-vegetarian I really enjoy the mucky stuff. I like the unflinching anatomical reality of removing a skeleton and hacking off a head. I’m not sure I can confess to actually liking scaling fish, but I doubt anyone does.

When I got on the train tonight, for the first time I was vaguely aware that I smelt of some of the things that I had spent the evening dismembering. Actually it wasn’t that vague at all, it was a perfectly concise whiff of fish, presumably emanating from the fish scales in my hair. The man sat next to me I think picked up on it. Which, quite frankly, served him right for sitting so close and being so loud, so I wiped one onto his elbow when he stood up.