It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve been able to go to college because I had to go away with work, and then last week snow brought South London to a halt and I was snowed in. Luckily I was snowed in at home rather than at work, Clapham Junction, or a railway siding in Surrey.

However, despite not being able to whip up industrial batches of bavarois in Twickenham, it has been a good couple of weeks for food in Waltshaw World. It’s true that London has rich pickings for eating and drinking, but I think this makes it even more important to try and be discerning while at the same time not being overwhelmed by the choice and getting stuck in a rut. 

A while back me and TOMW went on a date to Baltic, an Eastern European restaurant in Southwark and we were pretty impressed to say the least. We tried our first caviar and blinis, and fell in love with them a bit, and TOMW discovered that good vodka is actually a thing of beauty. We enjoyed it so much that last weekend, when a special guest came to visit, we took her there for a lunch of blinis and vodka. It was a success, and I feel like our London eating repertoire has been expanded for the better.

Photo courtesy of Spatulas at Dawn

We’re not always so good at picking winners though. Last week, for our anniversary, unsurprisingly me and TOMW decided to go for a meal. We wanted to keep it cheap so I ploughed through some Time Out reviews and came up with, what sounded like, just the ticket. I shan’t go into all the details here but you can read the review I wrote on London Eating. I seriously cannot imagine why you would put battery chicken on a specials board – by definition it isn’t. Did the Brakes van turn up and the chef rubbed his hands in anticipation of what the catch of the day would be? Needless to say we won’t be going back.

Fast forward to this Saturday, when we met a couple of friends at Borough Market and had an excellent morning grazing. There really are few better ways to spend the morning in London, but only if you are in the mood to get there early. Those tiny Portuguese custard tarts make me so happy.

And the final event in Waltshaw’s Gastro Week, was yesterday’s Sloe Sabbath, when some friends came over and we opened our sloe gin that I originally blogged about here.

The Sloe Gin. Or, The Waltshaws have a lot of bowls.

I am happy to report that Waltshaw’s Sloe Gin went down well, and hopefully will be a seasonal tradition from now on – providing no one else beats us to the secret sloes in Crystal Palace Park.

So the successes outweigh the failures, and to be honest even the failure was still entertaining. If other people can make a living at doing it so badly then I reckon the Waltshaws have a pretty good chance at making this work.