Morning kittens,

Just a quick one because I have a lot of dayjobwork to do.

I’ve not mentioned college for a while, but it’s all going pretty well, and I’m hoping to be finished at Easter.  We all have a folder in which we tick off all the techniques and ingredients we complete, and I am well over half way through. It has got the stage now where, in order to cook things that will get more ticks and not just repeat what you’ve already done, you end up cooking some quite weird things.

So as I progress even further, and the gaps in my folder become fewer, I will increasingly be forced to thumb through the holy texts of NVQ Food to find obscure dishes that will encompass as many random ticks as possible. Dishes that will rarely have graced a menu since 1972 and will distract you from the fact they look a bit turd-like by being called “à la” something.

I should explain… ‘NVQ Food’, is a particular type of cuisine that has become a bit of a speciality of mine over the past 6 months. NVQ Food tends to have a high butter content, usually takes twice as long to prepare as you think it will, and is almost always beige.

So,  last night I tried to get through as many of my outstanding vegetable ticks as I could. This meant I needed to braise/fry/boil/grate/blanch/puree as many tubers/stems/flowers to get through the module. The end result was the artful marriage of potato, garlic and chive cakes, with braised celery and a Cauliflower Royale.  

Of that noblest of cuisines, NVQ Food, surely the Cauliflower Royale is king.