After my last post (diatribe) I thought I would update with something a bit less negative and profane (well I can’t guarantee the latter).

All is fine in Waltshaw world, the redundancy rejection was a setback but hasn’t actually changed anything fundamental. We are still going to do this and are still making plans.

As some of you are aware, we have been looking at businesses for sale and properties in Crystal Palace, and have even found one that we really liked. The twist of the knife that followed the redundancy news was that this place had come down in price. Anyway, having spent a week or two running out of the office to make phone calls in the weird corner bit next to the lifts with the massive fake fig tree in it (the only place I can get a mobile signal in this building), we started to get together funding with a view to giving it a go. All very encouraging, and scary.

Of course this was starting to become a bit straightforward. Last weekend we were wandering around Crystal Palace and walked past the property that was originally available a couple of months ago. We liked it back then, enough to go and have a very bad meal there (it used to be a Thai restaurant) and make an appointment to go and view it properly. Then we were told the vendor had changed his mind and it was being pulled off the market, so we put it out of our minds. Last weekend we see a To Let sign on this property, and now our waters are well and truly muddied.

I shan’t go into too much detail, because it wouldn’t be shrewd, and it doesn’t make for great copy, but this place needs doing up which it makes it a very different venture. We have been agonising over pros and cons, and keep arriving at the result of six of one half a dozen of the other. We still need more information about various things, and I’m still dashing out to the weird corner bit by the lifts with the massive fake fig tree (TWCBNTTLWTMFFT) on a regular basis to try and get it.


Elsewhere, in a big steel kitchen in Twickenham that smells of cheap butter and meat, I think I have finished my course. I say ‘think’ because it all needs to be checked, and my folder had become a bit unintelligible – due to my chef’s appalling handwriting, and an unfortunate incident with a creme caramel.  I’m pretty pleased at having got it all done, and I really enjoyed the whole thing. I will miss it.


So, the synopsis of this post is:

  • the fat lady isn’t singing, in fact she hasn’t even tuned-up her banjo yet, and
  • that’s Little Whining Shite NVQ, to you.