Hello pickles fans, remember me?

I thought I had better pull my finger out and write the post that I never wanted to write, but here it is.

For those of you that don’t already know, the bank pulled the plug on the grand project when we were, what felt like, inches away from starting our business. This was down to two main factors: the fact that banks are simply not lending on anything at the moment, and the restaurant sector has been listed as a “red sector” which sets off some alarm bell in a head office somewhere; and, the business we were trying to buy could not provide detailed financial records because the woman running it is a bit crap like that – so as far as the bank was concerned it was all projection. Of course we knew the business was turning-over, we could see when we walked past, however that doesn’t wash with banks.

We were told this on 18th July which was the day before the most stressful day in my working life, and also the climax of a period of colossal overtime and very little sleep. So that was life, chucking its poo at us from between the monkey bars.

I got signed off work for a bit because I was exhausted and stressed and was about to resign, but a couple of the good guys at the HoC (yes there are plenty of them) said they wouldn’t accept my resignation and I should take some time off, which I have.

We haven’t decided what we’re going to do next. I need to sort out my relationship with my employers because it feels like I keep getting poked in the eye by them. Almost literally it seems as I burst a blood vessel in my left eye, which looks just dreamy as I’m sure you can imagine.

We are unlikley to get the level of funding we need to start a business in a premises of the size and in the location that we want, so we need to scale our plans down and explore some other options. The big puzzle is working out whether we can start a business, with the money that we already have, that would support us both because I’m definitely in the twilight of my illustrious parliamentary career.

We haven’t cracked it yet, we’re still a bit knackered and still haven’t been able to spend much time chewing the fat in a rational fashion. But we’ll get there in time. Right now we’re going to try and enjoy the rest of the summer, spend some time and money on ourselves and calm down.

So, if I may be permitted a schmaltzy Billy-Bragg-For-Every-Occasion link, I will choose something from the perhaps less popular sub-genre of Sentimental Billy: