Hello, Happy Friday everyone.
Just a quick post to drum up some PPP (pastry purchasing power) and general support for this coming weekend.
Anyone who is so inclined can find us at West Norwood Feast this Sunday from 10am-4pm. The weather looks like it’s going to behave and there’s a bar. It’s all very exciting. In fact, if I hadn’t spent all week doing an industrial clean of the kitchen, buying pork and sourcing ethical pop I’d be inclined to join you.
The aim for this first event is to do our best, see how it goes and what we can learn. We’re putting nothing on the table that we aren’t really proud of. All the pastry is going to be hand-made, all the dairy organic, all the eggs and meat free range, all the sugar, chocolate and cocoa fair trade.
In preparation, this week, we’ve made sure all is above board with the council and bought some insurance, we’ve had aprons and signage printed, raided the penny jar for a float, cleaned like demons, and bought epic amounts of groceries.
What else? Oh yes, we also bought a silly, but already much loved van.

We've settled on 'Stouffer' after Harry Hill's cat...you know, blue, a bit funny looking...

 All that remain now is to spend all day tomorrow cooking (her) and washing up (me). By tomorrow night the plan is to have baked and stored enough produce to have a nice display, not run out too soon, and not have so much left over we have to eat pastry all next week.

We’ll be serving….

Savoury: Pork pies, Sausage rolls, Beetroot and feta rolls, Smokey bean pies, Sweet: Brownies (chilli and regulation) and Apple pies.

And maybe a few other surprises should we have time/inclination/drive on Saturday.

We’ve been to the Feast twice now as punters and it’s a cute event (check out the link above for details) There’s also Brockwell Park and one of The Magnificent Seven within easy reach. I reckon you could do worse for a Sunday outing. Bring your purses and if you’re feeling generous buy some pastry. 

And, if you wanted to walk around going ‘mmmmmmmm’ a lot and pointing at our stall I won’t mind in the least.