…first Sunday of the month is nearly upon us again.  This means that the Waltshaws will be selling pies and delights at the West Norwood Feast in… West Norwood, on 6th November from 10am to 4pm.

We learned quite a lot from the last one, and we will take a slightly different approach this time.  The main changes can be summarised as a two-pronged strategy:

  • Less variety, more stuff; and
  • booze.

We sold out too quickly last time, so to avoid that I will make more stuff. In order to do that, I will have to limit the different types of stuff – notably pastry – that I have to make. Don’t worry, Pickles fans, there will still be a choice of pies to accommodate all of your savoury needs, but they will all be made from my top-secret, massively moreish hot-water-crust pastry.

We are also going to be mulling some wine, because it’s that time of year, and it’s a relatively quick and simple thing to do. I have bought a massive pot in which to mull which is currently dominating the kitchen at home because it’s too big for our cupboards. We may have to deploy it for alternative uses between mulling episodes. Front-runners include: cat bunker; gun turret for the Stouff; and up-turned as a banjo stool.

I am also very happy to announce some important Waltshaw news, which is that we have been accepted to hold a stall at a new Christmas market run in conjunction with Battersea Arts Centre. It should be a lovely, atmospheric, twinkly kind of affair…. they are closing the road that runs adjacent to BAC off Lavendar Hill, lining it with Christmas trees and lights and setting up craft and food stalls every weekend in December. We will be there:

Saturday 10th December

Sunday 11th December

Saturday 17th December

Thursday 22nd December

Saturday 24th December

 It’s 5 mins walk from Britain’s busiest train station, 5 mins from Clapham Common, and bang in the heart of Nappy Valley, so I reckon we should get quite a good footfall. That’s a lot of pies, people. I hope I am up to it. I also hope some of you will be able to pop by to say hello, it is lovely when friends turn up, it makes us very warm and fuzzy. I don’t think the christmas market has a website yet… but we do!


Forgive my, decidedly amateur, web skills, but I think it does all we need it to for now.

Ding-dong merrily on pie….