Morning Pickles fans.

Cold isn’t it? I think my feet have just about thawed out now from a day spent standing behind our stall.

The Battersea Arts Centre market went well. I’m loving mixing with other market stall holders, they really are a great bunch, and I especially like doing some swapsies.  Yesterday we saw some familiar faces from West Norwood, including the charming dumpling seller, the Earl of Gravy and gallic dish, Monsieur Tartiflette. We have also made some new friends, including Tony the Bananaman, who can cover fruit in Belgian chocolate and make any child smile it seems.

I must admit it was a bit quieter than we had hoped, so tell your friends what’s going on on Lavender Hill every Thursday – Saturday until Christmas… a covered market with loads of food, drink, music, christmas trees and stalls selling potential christmas presents… what more could ask for? What? pies and mulled wine you say? yes, plenty of that.


It promises to be an interesting week for Team Waltshaw. I will find out if I have been made redundant, again. Dedicated Pickles fans will remember the Great Let Down of  March 2011, when…. well…. I wasn’t made redundant. I have applied again, in a last ditched attempt, but there’s no reason to think that anything will be different this time. I’ll just have to wait and see….