Pickles fans, what can I say?

I let the weeds grow over this blog, but I have hacked them down, dusted it off, and remembered the password on my third attempt.

There is so much news it’s not true. Well it is true, and most of you know it already, but for those of you that don’t – I apologies for the bloggy way in which I am telling you – but there is no succinct way of imparting news to everyone that remains personal. Is there?

We, the Waltshaws, are departing our beloved London on 12 July, to seek our fame and fortune in the seaside town of Whitstable, Kent (or The Bubble, as it is known locally). We have been planning this for a while, but the uncertainty made us reticent. However, now it is happening, it is happening rather quickly and we have a million things to do and not much time to do it, so this is just the short version…

We still plan to make and sell food and we still plan to do so as ethically as we can. The joy of doing it in Kent is the local larder on your doorstep. Not just because Whitstable has one of the best high streets I have seen, with multiple grocers, fishmongers, bakers and butchers – but Kent also has an awful lot of food (and drink) going on in it.

We  still love London, and will probably always feel like Londoners, but some things about it have got us down recently (some of you know about some that, but I shan’t go into detail). It is also really expensive, not just to live, but to start a business – which is what we want to do. So we are heading somewhere where life is a bit slower, a bit cheaper, and, to be blunt, there is less competition.

BUT before half of London puts on its black Converse in mourning, the Bubble is just over an hour from Victoria by train, so we are not intending to disappear from your social lives completely and we expect some visitors. Alright? Good. x